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The Franciscan Faces of SMIC

TO BE FRANCISCAN is to prioritize a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is to fall in love with God. It has always meant continuous conversion in daily life, especially in community through one's attitude toward others.

TO BE FRANCISCAN is to perceive/see with different eyes/vision, live in deep time/space, conscious of the universe; it's oneness and unity. At this place one can listen to the heartbeat of the Creator.

TO BE FRANCISCAN is to "wait for the Lord", have a deeper commitment to prayer and an awareness to the needs of others in community, lived out through prayer, kind deeds and intense love.

TO BE FRANCISCAN is to live HUMILITY, trusting in God's enoughness as children; POVERTY, embracing our human condition interdependent with each other as sisters and brothers; PRAYER, our "motherhood" to bear a holy newness; CONVERSION ever becoming that WORD entrusted to each one as we proclaim a Canticle of Praise. . It is growing in awareness of how much the Franciscan pillars of life become integrated in our self while approaching life, issues.

TO BE FRANCISCAN is to be moving from the darkness of our mind into the light, ever increasing our dependence on the Divine who inhabits the whole Universe and our very selves. It is to be opened to surprises and welcoming to whatever comes next.

TO BE FRANCISCAN is to live the Gospel; to spread "good news" through our care in what we say, how we listen, experience and express a spirit of forgiveness, appreciation, gratefulness, openness, joyfulness, and inclusivity.

TO BE FRANCISCAN is to recognize the privilege of aging and the challenges of diminishment that heighten awareness of unconditional love. "We are all fragile, flawed, favored and free."

TO BE FRANCISCAN is to have as motto: "All I have is all I really need", accepting all my limitations, living a simple and poor life, daring to live from hope while continuing to create a better world always and in all ways.

Providing a contemplative compassionate presence to all, especially the most needy.