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About Us

Our Passion for Mission is rooted in Christ, and like Francis and Clare, we are impelled by the Holy Spirit to see God in the world and to make God visible to all.

"The brothers and sisters are to love God with their whole heart, their whole soul and mind and with all their strength, and to love their neighbor as themselves. Let them glorify God in all they do. Sent into the whole world, they should give witness by word and work to God's voice and make known to all that only God is all-powerful. (TOR IX, 29)"

We are an international Franciscan Missionary congregation serving in seven countries.

As a part of an International Congregation our vision and direction is set at our General Chapters which are held each 6 years. The most recent Chapter was in 2016 where we stated the following:

2022 Congregational Vision Statement

Moving more deeply into our founding spirit as Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God and living into the richness of unity, we joyfully embrace the future with the continual living out of our charism:

To be a contemplative, compassionate presence to all, in constant readiness for Christ's mission, especially among the most needy.

Rooted in Jesus Christ like Dom Amando and Mother Immaculata, our passion for mission impels us to take creative action in the face of the suffering of God's people and the destruction of creation. We will dialogue, collaborate, educate and heal in order to promote life in our globalized and pluralistic world.

Our journey together leads us to continual growth and constant conversion in order to show our world how God's reign is made present in our love for one another.

Directional Statement


We, Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God, called by our God of mercy, enlightenment and all possibilities, celebrated our lives as an international and intercultural Congregation at the XVI General Chapter in Munster, Germany during the Covid19 Pandemic. Enlightened by the Spirit and the Chapter theme; "Do What Ever He Tells You"(JN2:5), we were open to our call to be a life-giving witness of the God of Mercy within the Church as well as the world.

Our journey through communal discernment, attentive listening, respectful dialogue, and willingness to seek consensus encouraged us to embrace authentic relationships, collaboration, global interconnectedness. We faithfully commit ourselves to Synodality in building up the Body of Christ in this broken world.


  • Authentic Relationships

    In response to our intercultural world that is divided and violent, we are called to foster a culture of peace and reconciliation in our community living and society.

  • Collaboration

    In creative fidelity to our SMIC charism we commit ourselves to develop our integrated Franciscan spirituality keeping us open to continuous conversion.

  • Global Interconnectedness

    e are called to expand our SMIC Charism to work together as one congregation by responding to urgent global needs and being stewards of God's Creation.

Ecology websites and blogs

Immigration website:

Providing a contemplative compassionate presence to all, especially the most needy.