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2019 Annual Franciscan Federation Conference

In June, Sisters Saundra, Livramento and Gizele, attended the 2019 Annual Franciscan Federation Conference in St. Louis, MO. The Conference theme was “A call to be Saints, Founders and Prophets: Franciscan writing Addressing Contemporary issues”. In this Conference our Sister Maria do Livramento was an honoree in recognition for her work in the process of restructuring of our Congregation. The award is given annually during the Conference with each Congregation naming a Sister or Brother as recipient. This year, the Unit of the Immaculate Conception-U.S named Sr. Livramento as recipient. The solemnity took place on the Sunday night at a special dinner for the honorees.

Thank you Sr. Livramento and God bless you and us to continue lead us in re-founding our SMIC Congregation.

Providing a contemplative compassionate presence to all, especially the most needy.